HTML-version Fuzzle CMS site





Fuzzle CMS Standart

This version includes:
  • Unlimited number of pages (creation and management)
  • Design editor;
  • Widgets for video, text and images; making links;
  • Animation Manager (animation when blocks are appeared)
  • Decoration Manager (block decoration customization)
  • Page template support;
  • File manager;
  • DeepLinking navigation;
  • Google Analytics and other counters support;
  • Menu management;
  • The base contact form;

  • Showcase


    "In our opinion Fuzzle CMS is one of the first well-thought-out and realized content management system which uses Adobe Flex capabilities when creating convenient tools for Flash-site administrating. Perhaps, it is one of the most interesting and perspective projects in this area."

    Artemiy Malkov,
    CEO Flexis,
    strategic partner of Adobe Systems in Russia

    All projects


    Composer's personal page with photoalbum, audio and video.

    Additional modules

    Also, you can buy additional modules and widgets.

    Module is an extensibility of Fuzzle CMS functional (system kernel). Widget is a kind of graphic block, which can be placed on any page. You can buy addional widgets in our Widget Store.

    Let's examine the photogallery example to understand better the difference between module and widget.

    The photogallery management service is a module. When this module is installed, the administrator can manage photogalleries - add photos, remove, add descriptions and other. The number of photogalleries is unlimited.

    But if you want to present your photogallery, using 3D view - you must buy a special widget. There are a lot of different presentation widgets - 3D Carousel, 2D Tile and more other.



    PDF Publication


    Service for office document publication more


    HTML version

    Automatically generate HTML-version of site


    Photogallery manager

    Photogallery administration interface (required by all photogallery widgets)


    WAP and

    Automatically generate simple version for mobile devices