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Real site management will be simple too.

Fuzzle CMS - content management system combining Flash and HTML
to provide high-quality animation to everyone and simplify the site administation process.

Photogalleries, 3D models,
slideshow, document publication
in Fuzzle Widget Store.
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Demo access, video tutorials,
download installation package.

15-day trial license,
order a site development,
reviews and showcase.

Fuzzle CMS embraces new technologies and due to it Flash site, which used to fall under the category of elite product and was affordable to few people, now enters the field of available merchandise, combining high quality and moderate price.

How exactly you can save money, using Fuzzle CMS?

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Modern company site cannot be static.

It is not even the matter of making your site memorable and visually attractive for your clients by means of animation, which brings liveliness and game element.

The main point of animation is granting really ample opportunities to present your products or services.

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"In our opinion Fuzzle CMS is one of the first well-thought-out and realized content management system which uses Adobe Flex capabilities when creating convenient tools for Flash-site administrating. Perhaps, it is one of the most interesting and perspective projects in this area."

Artemiy Malkov,
CEO Flexis,
strategic partner of Adobe Systems in Russia

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