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Flash gives ample opportunities to create striking, catchy images and is an advertising leader in creating banners. Why Flash sites are not so frequent then?

Usually the support and update of Flash sites are quite laborious due to the individual approach. Any change, even the most trifle, requires the involvement of the qualified specialists and takes a lot of time.

Fuzzle CMS developer team has issued a challenge - the control of the Flash site must be available to everyone! To administer a site one does not need any special knowledge. Any employee (or even a company manager) can update the site and upload new data saving time from learning how to do it.

Make sure that it is really easy – watch video tutorials on the work with Fuzzle (each not more than 1.5 minutes long).

Fuzzle does not have any ponderous page administration panels, frequently using of the majority of CMS. Just visit the page and press "Edit" button. Double click any element – a text, photo gallery or Internet shop module – and an editing window opens with settings right for this element. Right what you need! Interface ease and simplicity, absence of low-activity panels that block up the wide screen areas – that was our specialists` foreground task. The results are displayed right after the page save.

Our main task was to reduce time of learning CMS. Fuzzle CMS combines the administration ease with a wide range of given tools. File operation, page animation editing, office documentation publishing, and even image editing (cropping) – all of it one can do with the help of Fuzzle without recourse to special editors and programs (Flash, Photoshop, FTP, etc.)

From the architectural point of view the Fuzzle site is composed of a any number of pages, and each of them may contain blocks: texts, images, galleries, video players, feedback forms, etc. Every block is called a widget.

Fuzzle proposes the following tools to operate files and pages:
1) Simple page manager (create and delete a page).
2) File manager (download files by browser).
3) Image editing module (crop images).
4) Menu editing module.
5) Photo gallery editing module.

Widgets are edited right on the page. Double click the widget and an editing window pops up, where you can define both specific and universal for all blocks settings that include:
1) animation of widget appearance on page (inlay “Effects”);
2) widget formatting: background, borders (inlay “Format”).

Fuzzle baseline configuration includes 6 widget types: text, image, hyperlink image, Flash promo, video, feedback form. They are enough to create a showy presentation site. If you look for broader functionality: office documentation publishing, photo gallery, 3D model, etc., you may buy the required modules in widget catalogue at a fixed price (in some cases even download for free!). The purchasing and installation of widget to the site is a universal computerized operation that takes just a couple of seconds.
For further information on widget catalogue see WIDGETS page.

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This is the example of Fuzzle CMS edting interface.
Is it simple? :)