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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and statistics

Your site must occupy top positions in search engines to attract new clients and to fulfill successfully its Internet functions. One of the most effective tools for site promotion is SEO.

Usually Flash-site owners face the following problems resulting from the peculiarities of Flash technologies:
1) Flash site page content is not indexed by search engines and cannot be search optimized;
2) Such an important marketing step as counter setting for analysis of page visit statistics is inaccessible.

Fuzzle CMS solves these problems easily!
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Your Fuzzle CMS site can also enter the top of search engines!

Users monitor and statistics. Fuzzle CMS solves this problem by using free statistics server Google Analytics. In addition, Fuzzle provide the limited support of other Internet counters.

Navigation support by browser line. Your clients can use common browser buttons "Back" and "Forward", create bookmarks and visit internal site pages, for example, (by links from other sites or in advertising printed output).

Due to the peculiarities of Flash technologies search engines cannot “read” Flash site page content. Besides, such an important marketing step as scanning of internal pages` visit statistics is inaccessible because Flash technology does not support Deep Linking (that include not only the domain name, but also the names of its internal pages Flash-site occupies one HTML page.

To solve the problem of search engine indexation of Flash site pages, Fuzzle CMS has a plugged-in gear of HTML pages version autogeneration: an HTML copy is automatically created for each Flash page, where all the material information can be read and indexed by the search engines. One can see the HTML copy by using a link http://site-name/html/page-name. The example for this page is the following: HTML copy may also be used as a printed version.

In special settings of Flash pages one may point such parameters essential for optimization as title and meta-tags (description, keywords).

After software simulation technology Deep Linking (internal pages links look like: http://site-name/app/#/page-name) was put to use in Fuzzle, it became possible to monitor detailed statistics of users` visit of every site page with the help of Google Analytics service. Other counters may also be attached but with certain limitations.

Further information on connection of statistics servers and setting of SEO parameters.

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