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Office documents are already on your site!

One of the frequent tasks your site should do is to publish office documentation for your clients, for example, price lists, certificates, treaties, business presentations.

As a rule, it is not possible to publish documents on site in their original form, so the documents can only be downloaded.

Fuzzle CMS enables you to publish office documentation in their original form in a couple of mouse clicks and takes practically no time – you or your employee can easily publish office document on the site with the help of Publishing Wizard, and the site visitor would see in the way you have planned it.

Your site visitors can acquaint with office documentation content right on the site. They won`t have to download the files to the hard disk of their computer, wasting extra time and efforts, feeling stressed because of the safety system warnings concerning possible risks of downloading Internet files.

To publish an office document on the Fuzzle site you need to take two simple steps:

1) Print the document in PDF-format (you can use any free PDF-printer) (see manuals)

2) Convert the resulting PDF-file to SWF and download it to the site.

The conversion to SWF is realized on a remote server, the connection with which is set automatically by PDF Publishing Wizard*. Therefore, the conversion doesn`t impose any extra limitations to hosting you use for Fuzzle CMS.

The form of office documentation output to the site page may contain a link to the source document, available for downloading, as well as page navigation (see an example of published presentation above). It is also possible to create a custom-design form of office documentation output.

Note: Currently the published office documentation is not indexed by the search engines. We work to repair this fault.

* PDF Publishing Wizard is an additional module that is not a part of Fuzzle CMS basic version. See modules` catalogue.

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Example of published presentation
with page navigation