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Multimedia as a competitive advantage

Modern company site cannot be static.

It is not even the matter of making your site memorable and visually attractive for your clients by means of animation, which brings liveliness and game element.

The main point of animation is granting really ample opportunities to present your products or services. Video, 3D models, animation schemes, photo galleries, slideshows, interactive maps, calculators on-line are just a small part of Flash possibilities, and are now available with the help of Fuzzle CMS.

Usually to add animation to the site is quite a laborious task which requires professionals` work, extra programming and expenses.

Fuzzle CMS has integrated the major part of Flash-platform capabilities and can offer a number of plugged-in (and bought at a fixed price) multimedia applications:
  • Animation of any site blocks, at any page, in any amounts and combinations, adjusted by the administrator (or you) to your needs – FREE!
  • Standard video and audio player block – FREE!
  • Chance to buy original 3D product catalogue at a fixed price! See our Widgets Store.

  • Fuzzle CMS is a high-level add-in to Flash medium just as any traditional CMS to HTML language. Consequently, Fuzzle CMS supports all Flash multimedia facilities.

    This support has two levels:
    Firstly, any types on animation that can be created by means of Flash and saved as a SWF-file, may be added to Fuzzle CMS. This refers not only to the design but also to other site elements that may be SWF-elements.

    Technologically, all the possibilities supported by Adobe Flash Player, may be implemented in Fuzzle CMS, namely:
    1) all types of vector animation;
    2) video playback in FLV and MP4 formats (starting from Flash Player, vers.9);
    3) usage of 3D engines, for example, Papervision 3D and Away 3D;
    4) audio track (sound).

    Secondly, Fuzzle CMS supports widget insertion – these are different blocks, for example, catalogues, calculators, galleries, 3D model view tools, etc., that connect to the site by standard interface and may be set according to the user`s needs. You can examine a large number on our Widget Store. Any widget installment is standard and takes a couple of seconds which enables to integrate new facilities for your client efficiently.

    If needed, custom design development of multimedia elements may be either ordered by our partners, or developed independently with the help of open API for developers.

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