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Design integration can be fast and easy

Flash site design combines action, showiness, visualization and interactivity. More and more companies give preference to Flash sites (even given the high development cost and administration complexity) because Flash technology gives free rein to embody striking and fresh designer solutions.

Fuzzle CMS for the first time gives wide artistic and animation opportunities of Flash to everyone.

Both Flash pros and designers who work in such graphical environments as Photoshop, can create sites with the help of Fuzzle CMS. A ready site and design layout (in PNG, JPG or SWF format) are only 5 minutes and several mouse clicks apart! Design installation technique is specified in our method "Design integration in 5 minutes".

Owing to this technique, a client can estimate the created design "in use" promptly. An designer, in turn, disclaims a laborious and technically complicated task of cross browser layout to devote himself to creative activity. Both sides, consequently, reduce their risks sufficiently and reduce the time of development.

When choosing a CMS system one may be at a loss. If a client has not yet decided whether Fuzzle CMS suits him or not, the designer may suggest a special offer – to use a 15-days trial license. In this case the method "Design integration in 5 minutes" enables the designer to install the design quickly, and then to discuss with the client about Fuzzle CMS use, without risking his money and name.

The process of design integration includes several basic steps (for more information see Design integration in 5 minutes):

1. Exporting the design to PNG or JPG format.
2. If you do not know Flash, you should:
  • Download your image file to the site;
  • Change the design file name in the configuration file;
  • Define the editable page area (X-, Y-coordinates, the width and height of the editable area) (X, Y, W, H).
  • Restart the browser. Your design will appear, where you can place menu buttons, texts, etc. using the standard Fuzzle block editing tools.
  • 3. If you know Flash, you should:
  • Insert your graphic solution in the Flash file;
  • Add a symbol with a special name (“xminiServiceLoader”), the size of which will correspond with the size of editable page area;
  • Optionally: implement a dynamic menu, create buttons using ActionScript 3 language;
  • Publish the resulting SWF-file;
  • Download the resulting SWF-file to the site. Define your design size. Change the design file name in the configuration file;
  • Restart the browser. Your design will appear, where you can place menu buttons, texts, etc. using the standard Fuzzle block editing tools.

  • Now you do not need any special knowledge of ActionScript, JS, AJAX or DHTML to create successful dynamic sites with Fuzzle. Any designer, who knows Photoshop and/or can create the simplest Flash animation, can easily allocate the necessary visually driven animation elements (photo galleries, buttons, menu, etc.) on site and adjust the animation of page transfer.

    In turn, the pros will like the way Fuzzle solves frequent technical problems, such as navigation by browser line, SEO of Flash-site pages, content control interfaces, for all that practically without locking down the development of complex Flash solutions.

    To add additional animation elements to the site, you just have to visit a widget store and purchase the widget you liked at a fixed price. If you have not found what you need in the store, you may order a widget development exclusively for your site. All directives for developers on creation of widgets for Fuzzle CMS are laid out in developer`s manuals.

    Detailed design integration manual are given in designer`s manuals.

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