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Use external WIDGETS – create site faster (API)

Each Flash site is unique! Fuzzle developers` team did its best for you could not only use Fuzzle standard tools, but also order animation elements` development (photo galleries, calculators on-line, etc.) right for your site.

A wide variety of ready widgets of the most diverse functionality is presented in our Widget Store. The site of the catalogue enables you to learn the descriptions and images of widgets and to try them: estimate widget`s animation properties, try it using administration interface.

Right after payment the widget is installed automatically to your site and is ready for use. The installation process is so simple that you can buy extra elements in the process of site maintenance, in a year or two after its development, at a fixed price – and you do not have to depend on the web-master!
Your site will develop along with your business!

Ease of development, installation and control guarantee you that all your ideas concerning site functionality and design may be realized!

For a site developer it is a unique chance to focus on the business aspect of association with a client making developer risks low.

Fuzzle CMS represents a principle of blocks that are placed on the pages in a free way. Its peculiarity is a fundamental openness for widget implementation from independent developers. That`s why the procedures of development, connection, adjustment and widget control are simplified in Fuzzle.

Any widget is consists of two interfaces:
  • widget interface proper (the way it will look at the site page) together with logic;
  • widget editor window interface – this one may use Fuzzle standard Flex components when creating it (file downloader, etc.).

  • Both interfaces is realized as AS3 classes. It is recommended to execute them in Adobe Flex Builder environment.

    Widgets for Fuzzle CMS:
    1) are easy to develop: you can learn the specifics of programming for Fuzzle (Fuzzle API) from Developer `s Manual that includes demo projects and templates.
    2) are easy to control: regardless of widget complexity, it is edited in a standard mode – just double click the widget.
    3) are easy to install: installation to the site is standard, is performed by a double click and takes a couple of seconds.
    4) easy to adjust: configuration parameters of all widgets are set in a single control bar.

    The developers can sell their widgets through our Widget Store. Upon that every widget is encrypted for a definite domain name which secures the intellectual property safety.

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