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Save your time and money

Fuzzle CMS embraces new technologies and due to it Flash site, which used to fall under the category of elite product and was affordable to few people, now enters the field of available merchandise, combining high quality and moderate price.

Learn how exactly you can save money by using Fuzzle CMS.

1. You get a manageable site. Convenient, intuitive administration tools enable you to update information on site or adjust the design quickly without turning to pros. You save time and money necessary for paying the technical support service.

2. Such laborious step of site development as layout is completely omitted in Fuzzle. Design and page (news, actions) layout usually requires quite considerable expenses. Owing to our program “Design integration in 5 minutes” you can install a ready design model to the site in a couple of mouse clicks. Less effort – less development expenses!

3. Increase your site potential. If you need to add a new animation element to the site: a 3D model of your good, photo gallery or a product catalogue, just use our Widget Store that is constantly being updated. Just choose the element you like, try it and install it on your site in a couple of mouse clicks! Don`t waste your money to individual programming, pay only for the functions you really use!

4. Publish the office documentation on your site with the help of Publishing Wizard. You save your time and your clients are always aware of the latest changes in price lists, texts of the treaties and technical manuals. If you already have spent time on creating a presentation which explores your company`s offers, just upload it to the site. Fuzzle CMS is one of the few CMS that offers such possibility.

5. All included. Fuzzle CMS grants a comprehensive toolset indispensable for valid site support, starting from page visual editor through image editing tool (cropping, formatting). The process of site support does not require any specialized editors.
We pay you attention that you can adjust site animation and block design yourself.

Fuzzle saves your time from learning technologies.
Managing can be simple.

Site efficiency is a result of intelligent development of site content management system. Do you know why Google is so popular? Google leads in the number of intelligent solutions in the search field, and that`s why it leaves its competitors behind.

We have implemented our key intelligent solutions to Fuzzle CMS – and now it has large possibilities and a moderate price. Just size it up:
  • Usage convenience – site manifold elements have a single control interface.
  • Considered architecture – possibility to install widgets (site elements) due to the standard interface technology. They will neither conflict, nor require the learning of new control schemes. They are implemented at a fixed price and do not depend on the developer`s whims.
  • Considered deployment – design integration “in 5 minutes”, system update to the latest version by banal file copying to the site catalogue. All new facilities become available automatically.

  • For further information on Fuzzle CMS technologies read the following pages:
    1. Site control
    2. Design setting
    3. Purchasing and installation of extra widgets
    4. Office document Publishing Wizard
    5. Page animation adjustment and design setting in user documentation.

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