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"How to integrate desing in 5 minutes" (Flash knowledge is not required!)

1) Export design from your editor to JPG or PNG file.

2) Upload result to folder: Fuzzle_installation/sites/your_domain_name/app. So, you will find index.php file in this folder.

Editable area.
Set up the
X and Y coordinates,
width and height.

Read about partner program | View designer's documentation

3) Edit index.php file.
Set up the design filename:
$designFile = "my_design.png"

Set up the design size:
$fzconfig2["dwidth"] = "1024";
$fzconfig2["dheight"] = "768";

Set up the editable area (X and Y coordinates from the left-up corner of your design, width and height).
$fzconfig2["pageRect"] = "100x500x860x400" // XxYxWIDTHxHEIGHT

Пример файла с дизайном

4) Replace index.php on your Web-server.

Refresh page in your browser - new design will appear.

You may want to edit design by placing additional blocks (buttons, texts, images) over the original design image. So, log in as an administrator and press button "Edit design".

image file

For professionals: you can also use the animated SWF files. It's the same, but the additional features are supported: start animation duration set up, editable menu set up, etc. The additional features are described in our documentation for designers.

Flash design capabilities you can view on our Fuzzle CMS site.