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our demo site.

After login you can visit any page (using menu at the left side) and edit it. Button "Edit" is placed in right-down corner of page.

Feel free to experiment - we
automatically restore site from
backup near 21:00 UTC+0.

If you have no time, please, watch our video tutorials for working with Fuzzle CMS. Each part is less then 1.5 min!
  • First steps: login and page editing

  • You can also want to check our user guide.

    If you want to try it by yourself...

    Download Fuzzle CMS latest version.

    By default demo license key will be installed. You can run CMS on localhost, and any kind of domain names with fuzzlecmsdemo substring. This demo key has no expiration date.

    If you want to run CMS on real domain names, please contact us and get a free 15-day trial key.

    If you experience some problem, please, read our documentation.

    Will be available later...