We are working hard on your Fuzzle CMS system - Flash CMS, based on visual page management with SEO support. Fuzzle provide you easy way to create Flash website, using PHP backend. There is no customization with XML to Flash website - only visual edit principle! Also, you can use different animations effects in our site builder and content management system.

Fuzzle CMS allows you to manage the decoration of blocks and to cut images that will allow you to decorate the content without the need of external editors. Besides, you can change the animation effects for each page of the site by yourself, making the site more and more like a beautiful PowerPoint presentation for your clients.

We make our system close to high industry standarts:
Although Fuzzle is designed to create Flash-sites, the sites are beautifully indexed by search engines like Google (support SEO), and support the navigation from the browser.

You have no need to know XML or other technlogies - all included. But you can use a lot of animation effects using our site builder. You can use different layouts in our design maker.

You can also visit HTML version of our site. Or read everything about our Features This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash